10 reasons why Duterte-Marcos tandem brings the change we need

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from Davao City, Mindanao and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. from Ilocos Norte, Luzon are both front runners for President and Vice-President posts, respectively proven by surveys.

Mayor Duterte, or simply Duterte, was able to  encourage millions of voters because of his “tapang” among the other candidates for the highest post in the land, having been known for his “matabil na dila” and his only consistent platform of trying to end crime and corruption for 3-6 months.

Sen. Bongbong, on the other hand, has the eyes and physique of his father which sees by the people as the builder of the Philippine economy during his time. His voluntary ‘oblivion’ of what had transpired in the past, his charismatic attitude, the solid Marcos supporters that are still strong across the archipelago, the idea that he would be able to bring back the ‘lost glory’ that many believed have been built during his father’s dictatorship, and the Aquino-Marcos rivalry may have contributed to his position as the leading Vice-President.

Combining the characters of these candidates and their messianic platforms for the Filipino people, it is no doubt that the 10 reasons below prove that they are the tandem we need.
















(Featured image from http://www.dutertemarcos.com)


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