Changes in the media is driven by the changes in technology. Technology contributes to the development of the media we see now and what the world will have to see in the future, soon.

Many media organizations and news agencies use new media or the social media to disseminate information and to create image online. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, and websites among others are what these news organizations use for their expansion. Many have transferred from the traditional media to the new media, though, while some are using both. There are, of course, big difference. But what has copied or brought from the traditional media to the new media is  competition.

And to answer the competitive market where all of us belong, news and media organizations are creating techniques and finding good medium to deliver information. There was the New York Times’ unique storytelling using images in virtual locations, digital videos of many organizations and the like.

The New York Times’ surely have funds and the process of producing their virtual storytelling took time. Many are still using Facebook and Twitter which may have been the most popular among the social media available over the web. They are both easy to use – just write something, attach something, then post or tweet. But one social media that was introduced two years ago changed the way news and media organizations produce, deliver and find information.

Image from

Image from

The social media I am talking about is Storify. This social media is basically a social media information curation tool that grabs or curates post, tweets, images or news from the timelines of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube among others.

When I took online journalism, I was introduced to Storify. I don’t know how it works then but time when I was used to it.

So below are the link to the Storify articles I made. (My blog is not self-hosted that is why I can’t do anything to post it directly to this blog. WordPress has Storify plugin.

1. The Victorious Heart That Was Gilas Pilipinas

Many Filipinos showed their support, congratulations and overwhelming happiness after when Gilas Pilipinas won over its long time opponent, South Korea during the FIBA Asia Cup Semi-Finals. I could have curated your tweet or post!

2. The Coughing and Drinking SONA

Every year, Filipinos are witnessing the State of the Nation Address of the President. Last July, 2013, many have watched the SONA of President Aquino. The act of coughing and drinking of the president became one of the never forgotten scenes. Read and be laughed by this Storify article.

3. Politicians’ Fate in Stem Cell’s Promise

Not all operations are successful just like what a number of politicians experienced after when they undergone an operation that still need to have an extensive research and practice, known as Stem Cell operation. Know who are in the hot seats of successful and not.

4. The Champion that WAS Ateneo

You read it right. WAS. After 18 years, Ateneo was back. Back to winless play in UAAP’s elimination round. Ateneans was saddened by the news while others were positive about it. Fortunately and unfortunately, Katipunan neighbors became equal. #Past champion.

5. Of Informal, Of Settlers

Many people showed their raged over social media after when a celebrity named, Bianca Gonzales tweeted a-not-so-good-to-be-tweeted words on her Twitter account about informal settlers that should not be treated as babies. You may have something to say, too, about it.


Watch out for this list!


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