The Penultimate Photos

Random photos shot at random settings. Credit is good.

Manila Bay sunset
“You know, one loves the sunset when one is so sad” – Antoine de Saint Exupery
ACACIA VEINS. An Acacia tree in UP Diliman dreaming of autumn and fall.
Raining girl
WALKING IN THE RAIN. This woman confidently walks in spite of the rain in Roxas Boulevard during Pope Francis visit in the Philippines.
Old devotion
OLD DEVOTION. An old woman carries her Sto. Nino protected with a plastic against the rain in Roxas Boulevard in the afternoon of Pope Francis’ penultimate day in the Philippines.
Nature's gradient
BLUE GRADIENT. An Acacia tree with a blue sky gradient as its backdrop in UP Diliman.


Kids can play
DOUBLE MEANT. Kids in Obando, Bulacan happily play while teasing each other for a taste of their bubble gums.
Looking through his eyes
A SHY SMILE. This kid in Obando, Bulacan looks shyly in the camera when he noticed he was being shot.
UP MVT huddling
BROTHERS HUDDLING. The UP Men’s Volleyball Team huddles before they face the game with another set.
STANDING OVATION. This statue known as the Oblation as a symbol of service of the University of the Philippines to the people.
BAGUIO BUSY. Tourists and locals visit one of Baguio’s main attractions during the night.
THE HEROES’ VISIT. Families and relatives glorify the death of their and others’ heroes at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on the day for all the saints.
NO BOAT IS AN ISLAND. A paradise somewhere in Hundred Islands, Pangasinan sets people, island and the boat connected.
TRAIN UP A CHILD. A 13-year old kid reaches a “Nazareno” hankies from a devotee during the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila.
BLESS YOU. A nun busily sprinkles holy water while devotees raise their hands for a catch.
CANDLE LIT. A woman holding a candle as she welcomes the Black Nazarene to pass by in Manila.
GUARDIANS OF THE BLACK. These men secures the Black Nazarene from the devotees wanting for a good hold.

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